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The Al-Rahmah School

Student Government Association Handbook

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an association that speaks as one voice for the students of the school. It is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals who strive to work together to improve student life by focusing on their general interests, needs and welfare. The SGA is an organization that allows students to utilize their opinions and helps to provide an opportunity for leadership opportunities. As Muslims, it is our responsibility to play an active role in our schools and communities.

The Student Government allows for leadership and teamwork opportunities that will help students make the best choices for their future endeavors. The SGA experience will help participants build unique resources for universities and job applications.


Code of Conduct

The members of the SGA are expected to demonstrate exemplary behavior and fulfill the Al-Rahmah student handbook guidelines. The Student Government Association is a very serious commitment. Each student must exhibit excellent Islamic character as well as integrity responsibility, and leadership in their position. All rules must be followed according to the Al-Rahmah School handbook. The following will be expected from all SGA leaders.

  1. Responsibility

Every SGA member must remember that their position is a privilege. They must never mistreat their titles and uphold academic as well as behavioral morality. Members must strive for excellence.

  1. Integrity

Every SGA member must abide by islamic teachings and school rules. They must be truthful in all conditions to the administration, staff, fellow group members, and peers.

  1. Leadership

Each member must maintain leadership qualities and act as role models for their peers.

  1. Cooperation

Every member in the SGA must work together to function in the most effective way possible. Team members must treat each other equally, as well as their fellow peers. All team members must be open and respectful to new ideas presented by their fellow peers.

Objectives/Mission statement:

The Student Government Association’s mission is focused on a few main points:

  1. SGA members will work together to improve student life by focusing on their general interests, needs and well-being.

  2. They will help strengthen an efficient and effective understanding between the students and administration in order to work as a coalition to improve student life.

  3. Each SGA member will be expected to exemplify key qualities such as integrity, cooperation, respect, responsibility, leadership and enthusiasm. As part of a team of leaders, these qualities are essential.




The president must show exemplary behavior and harbor qualities such as responsibility, good communication skills and leadership. The president should be present at all meetings and be able to conduct them. The president serves as a link between the student government and the administration. The president distributes tasks to officers and interacts with them to complete key objectives. This position must be filled by a high school student.


Vice President:

The vice president works alongside the president to achieve goals set by the SGA. They may regulate meetings in the absence of the president. The vice president also assists in the completion of goals in a timely manner. They work with team members to accomplish key tasks. This position must be filled by a middle school student.



The secretary is a key member who compiles organized notes and written/typed documents throughout the year. They will record attendance at every meeting. In addition, they will take accurate notes and prepare any documents needed for the SGA. They must be present at every meeting. This position may be filled by either a middle or high school student.



The treasurer will oversee monetary issues. They will keep a record of budgets for any given event in finance books. The treasurer must work with the president to determine any final financial decisions. This position may be filled by either a middle or high school student.



The historian will record events lead by the SGA. They will be in charge of helping to compile rules and regulations for the group as well as guide the association in being a productive SGA. In addition, the historian will aid in marketing any SGA events as well as photographing them. This position may be filled by either a middle or high school student.



The representatives will act as a liaison, between his/her peers and the SGA. They are responsible to address concerns and issues their classmates are facing to the SGA. This position must be filled by five students: seventh grade boy and girl, eighth grade boy and girl, and a high school representative.