Parent Teacher Shura Council

The Parent Teacher Shura Council (PTSC)¬†aims for both the parents and the teachers of your children to come together under the understanding that only the best is wanted for the children at Al-Rahmah School. PTSA meetings are held during the school year where discussions take place revolving around the necessities and desires the parents have towards their child’s education and the standards provided by the school.

Based on the agreements that are decided upon, the faculty, teachers and staff come together to aid the students in to a better learning environment based on the parents’ evaluation. As of today, through the help of both the parents and teachers alike, Al-Rahmah School has grown and developed miraculously. Most recently, a science laboratory was added on the campus for the students to use as part of the established curriculum.

Al-Rahmah PTSC By Laws

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PTSC Officers

Souba Balkhi- President
Fatima Jaber- Vice President
Lina Judeh- Vice President
Dewana Daniel- Treasurer
Leila Seif- Recording Secretary
Gizala Ali- Corresponding Secretary

Contact us: [email protected]