The Al-Rahmah Way

Excellence in Education, Excellence in Character

From our administration to our faculty, this is the standard we work hard to achieve for our students.


The faculty of Al-Rahmah School is a devoted group of individuals that aim to educate their students in every way possible.


“ I didn’t quite find myself until I came here to Al-Rahmah.”

-Salihah Clayton
Salihah was from the 1st High School graduating class at Al-Rahmah School.  Her plans are to be a writer and attend Notre Dame University and Zaytuna College.

“ Now I think Al-Rahmah School is the best thing that could have happened to me.”

-Quratulain Asad
Quratulain was the valedictorian from the Class of 2012.  She has delayed her acceptance to Notre Dame University for a year and has joined the Al-Rahmah Quran Academy to complete her Tahfizul Quran degree.


School Office
C. Islaah Abd’al-Rahim
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Middle / High School Director
Lisette Abdiruhman
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Executive Assistant
Kirin Smith
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Administrative Assistant
Donna Khan
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Office Assistant
Hanan Williams
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