“Food impacts how well a child’s brain works, affecting their moods and abilities … In a child’s brain
junk food can cause neurotransmitters, which pass along information, to function improperly. Smart
foods, however, allow information to be processed correctly and help the child function at their
optimal level.” – Dr. Sears, one of America’s most renowned pediatricians and author of over 40 books

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Lunch Procedures:

Every class has an assigned lunch period.

Students may bring their lunches or purchase lunch from the cafeteria.

Children will not be allowed to share food/drink as some children may have food allergies. If permitted, this can become a serious health hazard.

Students who bring lunch must have a lunch bag or container that maintains the food at the proper temperature.

Students CANNOT use the microwave nor can any staff member microwave food for students.

If parents need to bring their child’s lunch after 8:00am, it must be dropped-off at the office labeled with student’s name and class.

Parents who would like for their child to eat a hot, nutritionally balanced meal may choose to participate in the lunch program.

Each month a menu will be provided for parents’ review.

*The Cafeteria reserves the right to change the daily menu without notice when necessary.

In the event a child does not bring lunch from home, has no cash, nor have credit on their meal card, the cafeteria will provide him/her with a substitute meal of milk and cereal.

Parent will be billed a minimum charge for the substitute meal provided.

(Refer to Student/Parent  Handbook page 21)

Lunch prices:Print

Full Lunch – $4.00

Reduced Lunch – $2.00

Cereal and Milk – $1.00

Payment Options:

Lunches may be purchased with cash or prepaid cards only!

Prepaid cards may be purchased from the Cafeteria. Cards will remain on file in the cafeteria for students to make purchases.

Cafeteria Rules:

Students are not allowed to visit the cafeteria other than during their lunch period to purchase snacks.

Snacks cannot be purchased outside of student’s lunch period.

Students are NOT allowed to purchase sugary drinks (including iced tea) or soda from the cafeteria while in school uniform or during school hours.

Students cannot purchase anything from the vending machines while in school uniform or during school hours.

The same rules apply to students who remain in Aftercare or any after school-sponsored programs.


Lunch Menus:

Download ARS Lunch Menu – August & September 2016

August & September 2016

Best Practices:

Snacks – ARS encourages parents to provide students with healthy snacks.

Healthy snacks should be sent with students or brought to the classroom in the morning before instruction begins.

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