Assalamu A’laikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,


New Applicantion / Re-Enrolled Al-Rahmah School Students (2016-2017),

We would like to share information on a Maryland State program for scholarship for students seeking additional financial assistance, BOOST. 

Maryland State Department of Education is rolling out the 2017-2018 application at the end of April.  ARS is among the schools registered with the BOOST program.  A good number of our students received the scholarship last year.  If you are a parent of a returning student or a new student, please look out for the application and the deadline at this link:
Here are the links to the website describing the program and the link to the application:

Application roll out:  End of April 2017

Additional document is attached to this email for your information.  The BOOST program has no impact or bearing on the ARS Financial Aid program so if you are seeking financial aid from ARS, please follow the existing process and complete the application available on the ARS website. This letter is not a confirmation of your child’s admission to Al-Rahmah School.

 You must start the application process at Al-Rahmah School before applying for BOOST.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for the tuition amount not covered by BOOST Scholarship. 
Al-Rahmah School