Board of Education Standing Committees

All of the members of the Board of Education, with the exception of the school principal and nursery director, are volunteers.  Many of us are parents of Al-Rahmah School or Nursery students, or former school alums. We encourage you to get involved and become a volunteer. Review our list of standing committees and their responsibilities.  If interested, please send a letter of interest that identifies the committee you would like to join to [email protected] as well as your area of expertise, your connection to ARS or ISB, and your contact information. If you are parent of an Al-Rahmah school student(s), this will count toward your Parent Service Hours.

School Academic Affairs:
Dr. Vanessa Dodo Seriki

Nursery Academic Affairs:
Sr. Noureen Zar (Chair) – [email protected]
Dr. Vanessa Dodo Seriki

Financial Planning:
Sr. Fauzia Tariq (Chair) – [email protected]
Br. Faisal Abdur-Rahman
Dr. Vanessa Seriki

Human Resources:
Dr. Vanessa Seriki (Chair) – [email protected]
Br. Faisal Abdur-Rahman
Dr. Fawzia Fazily
Sr. Noureen Zar
Sr. Fauzia Tariq

Alumni & Public Relations:
Br. Saad Patel –[email protected]

PTSA (Parent Teacher Shura Association):
Mazhar Kapadia – [email protected]

Technology Committee:
Br. Umar Saleem (ISB IT Lead) – [email protected]

Grants Committee:
Dr. Kamran Fayyaz
Dr. Fawzia Fazily
Sr. Noureen Zar

Professional Development and Counseling
Dr. Fawzia Fazily
Sr. Noureen Zar
Dr. Muhammad Younus