Why Al-Rahmah

The mission of Al-Rahmah School is to provide a high quality Islamic education through a holistic approach to child development that encourages excellence, hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Al-Rahmah School aims to provide an integrated approach to Islam, meaningful life experiences and effective adult mentorship. Al-Rahmah School is committed to developing leaders who are focused on pleasing Allah and serving humanity, who are globally aware and locally active.

Al-Rahmah School provides students with a high quality education, makes them strive for academic excellence, and uses state of the art information technology to enhance teaching and learning. Our goal is to fully integrate the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah into the daily lives of our students. Furthermore, Al-Rahmah School seeks to develop and expand each student’s knowledge of Allah’s relationship to mankind within an environment that encourages excellence in every area of life.

Based on accounts from our very own alumni, the teachers, staff and fellow students can account to the fact that the people at Al-Rahmah become one unified entity. Al-Rahmah School is not just an 8 AM – 4 PM school. Here, we cherish and nurture our kids to grow and excel in every single aspect of their lives. But don’t just take our word for it. A graduate of Al-Rahmah School and still a familiar face at the masjid gives us an account of her years as a student. Below is a snippet of what she had to say when a parent asked her about sending his children to Al-Rahmah School.

“I have practically lived at Al-Rahmah since the age of five and I knew that even after I had graduated from the school, the family that I had been blessed with and the people that had weaved their way in to my existence would forever be a part of me. Al-Rahmah School has taught me my values and built for me the strong foundation that I have today and no matter what anyone says, I am Al-Rahmah. Everything I do embodies what I have learned and everything that I put my mind to puts Al-Rahmah before everything else. As an alumni, the valedictorian of my class, a student for over eighth years at the school, I urge you to consider in our favor. Today, five years after graduating from Al-Rahmah Middle School, I can honestly tell you that I would never change a thing about my primary and secondary education had I been given a second chance to do it my own way. My parents, my family made the right decision for me and I ask you to do the same.”
~Fatima Husain ’07

Health & Safety

A safe and secure environment is of the utmost importance to everyone at Al-Rahmah School. To ensure this – faculty, staff and students work together to make safety and security a priority!

Being located on the campus of the Islamic Society of Baltimore, Al-Rahmah School students experience the many facets of a diverse community. Our residential setting and open, yet protected, campus allows for a safe leaning and recreational environment for our students. The campus is monitored with full-time security personnel and surveillance systems.  After-school programs are supervised and staffed until every student is picked up.

The school employs a  nurse and trains and certifies key personnel each year in the administering of emergency first aid and CPR as well as the use of epi pens and defibrillators.

How You Can Help

  • Let your child know that if anyone or any situation on campus makes them feel uncomfortable, they should tell an adult immediately.
  • If you are on campus and notice someone or something suspicious, call the Al-Rahmah School immediately at 410.719.0921.
  • If someone is in need of medical assistance or if there is an emergency or life-threatening situation, call 911 first, then contact the Al-Rahmah School office.
  • If your child will be absent from school, dropped off late, or picked up early, please notify the Al-Rahmah School office.
  • Please remember to keep your contact information current at school; including all email address and phone numbers to receive important notifications.

Emergency Contacts

Al-Rahmah School Office
[email protected]

Islamic Society of Baltimore Office
[email protected]

School Closings are also announced on WBAL-AM radio (1090 AM), posted on the school’s website, and and emailed to school parents.