Starting from a very young age, we emphasize respectful and Islamic interactions with everyone. Students are taught to interact with their peers and adults with kindness and humility. Here, at Al-Rahmah School, we not only foster the intellectual needs of students, but their social and spiritual needs as well.

Intellectual Aims and Objectives

  • To develop and expand each student’s knowledge of Allah, man, society and the universe.
  • To develop in each student a positive attitude towards learning and an appreciation for knowledge and truth.
  • To develop each student’s ability to think, analyze, and solve problems independently.
  • To develop each student’s level of Islamic awareness, understanding of the Islamic worldview, and pride in the Islamic heritage.

Social Aims and Objectives

  • To prepare each student to assume his/her role as Allah’s vicegerent through faith, knowledge, and righteous conduct and service.
  • To develop in each student a positive attitude toward the religious and moral dimension to community life.
  • To develop in students a desire for the renaissance of Islamic society and culture.
  • To develop in each student the spirit of unity with the Muslim world and mankind.
  • To prepare each student to carry the message of Islam to his fellow man.
  • To prepare each student to be a good and productive citizen in society.

Spiritual Aims and Objectives

  • To assist each student toward developing a state of complete worship and service to Allah.
  • To develop each student’s self-awareness, self-confidence, and personal Islamic identity.
  • To encourage students toward the actualization of their faith and practice as Muslims and toward the integration of Islam into their daily lives.
  • To affect the wholesome development of each student spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, and physically.